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Where (And How) To Buy Bitcoin In Canada: Exchanges

Updated: Nov 2, 2021

When learning about Bitcoin, the first question often asked is: Where can I get some?

In Canada there are many options to buy BTC through what are known as "online exchanges". You can think of it as a currency exchange where you would normally exchange Canadian dollars for another global currency like USD or Mexican Pesos. They are effectively the same thing, except you are able to exchange dollars for Bitcoin - a purely digital online currency.

In this post I've aggregated a number of Canadian online exchanges with step-by-step video tutorials on how to use them.


Shakepay is a Canadian exchange that allows you to easily set up an online account, fund this account with Canadian dollars from your bank, then exchange dollars for Bitcoin. You can leave your Bitcoin with Shakepay (effectively using it as a Bitcoin bank) or you can withdraw your Bitcoin to a personally held Bitcoin wallet on your phone or computer.

SIGN UP HERE and get $10 free after your first $100 purchase! In my opinion this is probably the best place in Canada to buy BTC.


Bull Bitcoin is an easy place to both buy and spend Bitcoin in Canada. The service is available only to Canadian residents and boasts low fees, a variety of funding methods, a non-custodial model (they never hold your coins), the ability to pay nearly any bill in Canada with Bitcoin, and advanced privacy features like coinjoin. SIGN UP HERE.


Coinberry boasts a sleek and easy-to navigate website, complemented by its paired mobile app. Track portfolio percentage gains, get notified of the latest price movements, and much more, all while funding your account quickly via e-transfer.

SIGN UP HERE to get $20 free after your first $50 purchase!


Netcoins is a Canadian exchange that has no funding fees (for both dollars and crypto) and free cash withdrawals. They've also implemented limit orders - allowing you to set your trades to execute at a certain price.

SIGN UP HERE to get $10 free after your first $100 purchase!

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