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Should You Buy Altcoins? THIS is what can happen...

Whenever I chat with someone just learning about Bitcoin, the conversation eventually turns to "what other coins should I buy?"

I often find myself tasked with trying to adeptly explain Bitcoin and the reasons for its success while also describing a multitude of other digital assets and the tradeoffs they've made to corner their niche. This is not a simple conversation to have, and rarely does it capture the wealth of knowledge necessary to make prudent decisions with one's money.

However, one approach that DOES drive home an excellent point is looking at the numbers. If you were to spread your money out across a diversified crypto portfolio, what would your performance look like over the long term?

The video below does exactly that. I took a "diversified crypto portfolio" shown by Brian Kelly on CNBC during Bitcoin's previous bull run in 2017. Assuming someone had parked $10,000 into that exact allocation back then and let it ride... how would they be doing today? The data may surprise you... and hopefully help you make good decisions in the future. Enjoy.

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