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Scamming Bitcoin Scammers For Charity

Updated: Aug 6, 2019

This morning I awoke on a beautiful holiday Monday in Canada to a message from a clear scammer, promising me untold fortunes if I just bestow some of my Bitcoin upon them. Rather than tell this individual to go pound sand, I opted enlist a mix of photoshop, strategically finding random transactions on a block explorer, and social engineering to teach a lesson on behalf of a good cause. What follows are the screenshots of our conversation.

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Long Bitcoiners, short scammers.

Also once again, if you'd like to donate to Bitcoin Venezuela, go their website and click on the donation link at the top.

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Sorry "Susan Williams"... have a great day!

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Bill Pinay
Bill Pinay
Jun 18, 2021


A friend of mine sent me this post and I was really happy to see that the person got what he deserved. Year ago the same happen to me an I lost my coins and I basically gave up on bitcoins. Even though it was only 10$ worth I was happy now I do silly faucet to try to make coins . But thank you this post really made my day

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