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How to Set Up and Use MiniBits: A Privacy-Focused Bitcoin Wallet

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Are you looking for a Bitcoin wallet that prioritizes privacy and minimal fees? MiniBits might be the solution you've been searching for. In this post, we'll explore what MiniBits is, how to set it up, and its unique features.

What is MiniBits?

MiniBits is a mobile Bitcoin wallet that utilizes Chaumian eCash on Bitcoin to provide users with near-perfect privacy and extremely low to non-existent fees. However, it's important to note that this comes with some tradeoffs, primarily the custodial nature of the wallet.

Setting Up MiniBits

Setting up MiniBits is straightforward. You'll need to download the app and create a wallet. During the setup process, you can add MiniBits as your first mint, which is a communal pool of funds used for transactions within the wallet. It's also recommended to perform a backup of your wallet using the off-device backup feature, which provides you with a seed phrase for recovery purposes.

Using MiniBits

Once your wallet is set up and funded (you can add funds via a lightning transaction), you can send and receive eCash. Sending eCash within the same mint is instant and free, while sending between different mints or to a lightning wallet will incur minimal lightning fees. You can also integrate your MiniBits wallet with Noster, a decentralized social media protocol, for added functionality.

Privacy and Trust

Privacy is a key feature of MiniBits, as transactions within a mint are shielded from both public view and the custodian. This means that even the person running the system doesn't have access to transaction details. However, because MiniBits is custodial, you need to trust the mint holding your funds. It's advisable to use small amounts and familiarize yourself with the mints you're using.

Final Thoughts

MiniBits and the Cashu protocol represent an exciting direction for Bitcoin wallets, especially in the realm of privacy. While the custodial aspect requires users to be cautious and manage their risk, the privacy benefits are significant. It would be interesting to see more custodial wallets adopt this technology to improve user privacy.

Remember, MiniBits is still in its early days, so it's best used as a learning tool rather than a primary storage method for your Bitcoin. As with any financial tool, assess the risks and make informed decisions.

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