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Bitcoin Maximalism Pt 1: The Failure of Gold

Today I examine the failure of the gold standard, in an effort to bring context to my line of thinking around becoming a Bitcoin Maximalist. We talk about the transition from physical gold to paper certificates, a history of fractional reserve banking and bank runs, the gold confiscation and subsequent gold reserve act of 1934, and finally the abolition of the gold standard by Nixon in 1971.

Be sure to check out my medium article which sums up the entirety of my thoughts, and will give you an outline of the videos to come in this series.

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Thanks for all your professionally done Podcasts and blogs. When is comes to downfall of the US dollar it all started with the creation of the Federal Reserve and the passage of the 16th Amendment (Income Tax) in 1913. I think a useful read for you would be "The Creature from Jekyll Island" first published in 1994 nineteen years before Bitcoin ever existed. I understand that you may not want to bad mouth the Fed Res, the people behind it will take you out if you are a threat.

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